Advice: When Submitting Audio For Mixing.

These days most people have access to a digital workstation, but having your recordings mixed in a specialised, treated studio by a professional engineer can make all the difference.

We aim to have your order returned to you within 5 working days, but larger mixes may require more time and this is also dependant on current workload. If you have any queries or questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Due to the file size upload limit, when submitting files over 1Gb for mixing, we ask you use an FTP (file transfer protocol) site such as Google Drive, WeTransfer or Dropbox. Audio files should be clearly labelled and in a zipped folder.

As obvious as it sounds, please ensure you DO NOT apply dithering during file export, some workstations have this as an option when exporting and bouncing.

Please provide your well labeled audio files at whatever sample rate and bit depth the session is in. This will ensure your files do not suffer from harmonic distortion caused by truncation or resampling.