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Available Services

TruPeak Audio is a premier destination for labels and clients across the country. We provide a wide range of services from commercial to personal, specialising in Audio Engineering, Music Production, Mixing and Mastering. Customer satisfaction is our main priority which is why we think it's better that you deal directly with your engineer rather than an online order form.

Give us a call to see how our studio can help you today.


Super Audio Mastering

Achieve the Sound You Deserve

We work closely with Super Audio Mastering to provide you the option to have your tracks mastered through a class A analogue signal path, featuring equipment from Manley, Avalon, Millenia, DCS and more.

However we understand this doesn't suit everyones budget, which is why we also offer the option to have you tracks mastered here.

Whether you budget is large or small, we can help you achieve the sound your music deserves. Get in touch to find out more.


Audio Mixing Pult

Unique Sounds

No two tracks are the same and some can require more work than others. This is why we don't offer a single price plan for mixing services, instead we will provide you a quote before undertaking any work. This method ensures all parties involved can be more certain of the outcome and financial aspects.

Demo mixes are available on request. Just drop us a line if you want to find out more.

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