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Artist Reviews

Respected Insights

We always strive to produce music that is unique and sounds great. Browse through the following selection of reviews relating to our work as a professional Music Production Company, covering everything from insights on the evolution of our musicality, to ratings of our latest productions and recent collaborations.


Mr Vinyl (Matt Ward)

Electronic Musican

I've worked with Bill from TruPeak on a number of music and education projects over the years. I Recently hired Bill to master my latest record, its a pleasure to work with Bill. He is a very skillful, calm and knowledgeable. He is happy to work to requests or autonomously, I asked a bunch of questions about the process and approach he took to adding the final finesse to my record. Extensive reply, informative and an insight into the software and hardware chains used on my record. I had a choice of renders to choose from and extremely detailed context. Bill provides great after-sales too, checking in to see if I was happy, and he is the sort of person you can field question and have a good proper natter about the so called dark art of mastering........ Bill is an audio NINJA..... TruPeak - Highly recommend


Jeff 'The Horse' Horsey

Blues musician

"You can trust Bill Sellar at Trupeak Audio to do a great mastering job. It does not cost the earth and this sort of mastering will improve the sound of recordings immensely. He is always approachable, friendly and works fast and effectively. He has mastered two CDs and also done mastering for a vinyl release for me. All excellent."



Bristol based Jazz band

"We worked with Bill at TruPeak Audio to master our upcoming 7-track album HEDGE, and we couldn't be happier with the result.
Thoroughly professional and obliging throughout, Bill made the whole process very easy. Great communication and a fast worker, Bill clearly knows his stuff, from both an audio and business standpoint.
Sonically the final result sounds great. Rich and balanced across the audio spectrum, punchy with plenty loudness while still retaining a good dynamic range that really does the music justice. We'd happily work with Bill again in the future.
10/10 all round."

Jana Varagová

Jana Varagová


Bill from TruPeak Audio is super prompt, super easy to communicate with and he mixed my live track really amazingly! Fixed little mishaps without you noticing and just made the whole thing sound great overall. A great professional who knows what he's doing! The whole process was smooth and easy.

tom singer.png

Tom Singer

Tort/Ghost Seminar - Alternative Rock / Electronic

"The tracks I send them always come back with a far greater sound quality than I could ever achieve on my own. Quick and friendly service that I will definitley be using again and again. 10/10."

Marc Bishop_edited.jpg

Marc Bishop

Co-Producer - Ellie Hapney

"I'm really glad we decided to use Bill from TruPeak Audio.

Bill mastered 2 tracks that I had co-produced with another engineer, and they're sounding great. The man really knows his stuff!

There still remains an excellent dynamic range, yet the songs shoot out with guts and clarity, still sounding just as strong (if not better) next to any commercial record you hear today. I'm delighted to now think that I will have "Mastered by TruPeak Audio" stamped on the side of all my future productions."

Laurie Kaye_edited.jpg

Laurie Kaye

Sound engineer/Oktopi percussionist

"Amazing work from Bill Sellar at Trupeak audio. Full support on our latest EP. Can't believe the difference from the mix to the final mastered version. Would highly recommended TruPeak's services and will now go know where else."

Jack Hale_edited.jpg

Jack Hale

Bassist - Haunt The Woods

"Absolutely outstanding work provided by Bill on the latest EP, with a turn around of just 3 days! Easy to talk to and understanding of your musical needs, quick and efficient workflow which was of a professional quality, if you are in need of a master seriously hit this guy up!"


Niall Martin

Tort - Alternative Rock / Indie Band

“The master has beautifully moulded every element of our track together creating a well balanced song. It's added a crisp yet powerful feel and really polished the end product.”


Amie Willingale


"Bill is a pleasure to work with. He is professional, knowledgable and kept us updated every step of the way with what we wanted to achieve with our music. Highly recommend and also lots of fun to work with!!"


Abi Simson


"Bill was dedicated, on it and really communicative about the whole process. Great value for money too and easy to work with."

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