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Multi-Track Mixing

Let us show you the difference. Ask for a free demo.

Multi-track mixing is the process of blending all of your recordings into one cohesive product or track. When you choose us, your recordings will be processed through both analogue and digital hardware in an acoustically treated and calibrated, custom built studio. We specialise in lower tempo music such as singer/songwriter, acoustic, indie, rock, trip hop and Jazz etc. But we are also as equally happy and comfortable to work outside of these parameters. We work closely with our clients to ensure they have direction in this process, allowing you to achieve your vision and the sound that you and your music deserves.

No two jobs are the same and our prices reflect that! We are not a one price fits all service, in fact we're a tailor made, bespoke service. When it comes to audio we believe that the best way to serve you, is to offer you a direct line to your engineer, rather than an impersonal online order form. If you are still unsure whether we will be a good fit for your music, why not get in touch and/or ask for a demo mix? We'll mix a verse or chorus of your track, so you can hear the benefits.

Contact us today to get a quote or find out more about our services.

What You Get

  • 2 mix revisions for free. Any more charged at the hourly rate and discretion of the engineer.

  • An award winning engineer

  • The ability to guide the process with reference material, feedback or specifications.

  • A free no obligation quote.

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