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When you order our Advanced Mix Package, we will mix your multitrack session and provide 5 mix revisions so you can be involved in the creative process. Working with you to craft your record, our engineer will keep you updated throughout the process. We will deliver an un mastered interleaved stereo file at the same resolution the audio files were delivered at.

If you have an idea how you wan't your music to sound, or would like to be more involved in this creative process, this is the package for you. This package also covers a larger amount of studio time, so will inevitably lead to a greater end product.

Advanced Mix Package

  • Our award winning engineer, has extensive experience in multiple genres. We specialise in lower tempo music such as; Indie, Acoustic, Jazz, Trip Hop, Singer Songwriter etc. However if your project falls under something else, why not drop us a message, if we're not the right studio for you, maybe we can help you find a better fit.

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